• Receive $1,000 USD 

    Learn How to Build a Startup this Summer

    Full time from June 13th to August 13th. Applications are due June 1st.

  • Why Apply?

    You Will Learn From the Best to be the Best


    Meet The Best People

    Our mentor community includes exceptional technology entrepreneurs from around the world.


    Learn More, Faster

    Through our program you will learn how to smartly build a startup from idea to exit.


    Spend Your Summer Building

    Receive $1,000 per team to work full-time building a startup idea you're passionate about.


    • We will select or create 3 teams of 2-4 founders.
    • Individuals or teams may apply.
    • You must be a CoderSchool alumni or supply a recommendation letter from an alumni.
    • Every founder must be available full-time from June 13th to August 13th.
    • Apply if you don't have a full team or a complete idea. We are happy to place you.
    • Applications must be submitted by June 1st.


    Introducing new faces along for the ride

    Marcus Ellison

    Co-Founder @ CoderSchool

    Loves apps that have a solid business plan and path to scalability.

    Harley Trung

    Co-Founder @ CoderSchool

    Loves apps that are built by close-knit teams.

    Charles Lee

    Co-Founder @ CoderSchool

    Loves simple apps that do one thing well. 

    Christopher Kung

    Growth @ Gametime & Groupon. Data @ Google, Admob & Yahoo.

    Chris worked at the most successful tech companies in the world - Google, Microsoft, Groupon, Yahoo - before becoming Director of Growth at ticketing startup Gametime. He also created Reactor TV, an Android app for reaction videos. Now he's looking to mentor young entrepreneurs and eat chicken.

    Guy Morita

    Co-Founder @ Eden, YCombinator Alumnus

    Guy Morita was a co-founder of Eden, a YC-backed startup offering B2B Tech Support that's raised 3.3M in funding to date. Previously, Guy worked at Zinio and Hipmunk. Now he's on a mission to pass on his remarkable experiences to the next generation of entrepreneurs and kangaroos.

  • FAQ

    Do I need an idea to apply?


    We'd prefer if you had an idea, but we're also happy to help you find one. We have lots of ideas.

    Do I have to be a CoderSchool Graduate?

    No, but...

    If no one on your team is a CoderSchool graduate, you will need a letter of recommendation from a CoderSchool graduate.

    Is it true you will take no equity?


    That's all.

    How do you select candidates?

    Application and Group Interview.

    We'll invite a small number of promising applications to our office for an in-person interview. We'll follow up with decisions within the evening.

    What are the important dates?

    June 1st  and June 8th.

    Applications are due 23:59 June 1st. We'll inform those selected for interviews by June 8th. Interviews will be held June 9th and 10th. The program starts Jun 13th.


    Applications must be submitted by 23:59 June 1st.